Thursday, 16 April 2015

March - The Second Month

After February came March, our second month here... what a surprise :)

March kicked off with snow! A small flurry first thing in the morning. The morning of A starting school. And on our way to school it snowed too... A was in heaven. School and snow all on the same day at the same time! With school more or less sorted for the big girls, we visited a couple of kindies and enrolled L into a place that looked utterly delightful. She started the following week with a visit on the Monday morning and H was invited to stay for the morning too.  Such a treat for her.  On the days that her sisters were off learning she was home with Mum being a great helper and doing reading, "sums" and practicing writing.

We packed up the apartment and moved into the house during the second week, after a few days of cleaning but mostly waiting for beds to be delivered.  Our bed was delivered on the Wednesday but the girls beds only came the next day.  So on that first day the girls kept telling everyone, everywhere we went, that they were sleeping on the floor... I got a few strange looks and felt a bit like holding up a sign to explain.  Anyways, having a "camp" sleepover together on the floor had the girls terribly excited.  And for the record, there were blankets and duvets for them to sleep on ;)

The following day the girls beds arrived, but... we were only able to assemble one as the bunks had a split panel that meant we could not put it together. At least there were mattresses!  During the month we got a few more things like a dining table, vacuum cleaner, tele, broadband and of course the ever important kettle!! We spent some time shopping for towels and a handful of essentials just to get us through until our things arrived.   The various outings lead to lovely discoveries like delicious coffee and sushi bowls for lunch.

Back on the school front we were invited to a special Mother's Day performance put on by each class. It was oh so special and I was a teary mess. There was a red nose day and we also started walking to school in the afternoons. It was fun trying to find shortcuts and different paths - a lovely easy stroll on a sunny day.

March also saw the arrival of our first parking fine (seriously! at a supermarket?), the start of daylight savings here and a first flat tyre - wah wah waaaaah! The flat tyre meant that super crazy expensive car insurance came in handy! We had the curtain rail in the girls bedroom fall off twice which was amusing - not sleeping on the floor but sleeping in the starlight :)

We started settling into a new normal at the new house with the various daily routines getting established. Finding some of our locals shops like supermarkets, a hairdresser for D, and even a local yarn shop. In the last week though H fell ill with a virus. Unfortunately we had not yet registered at the local doctor's surgery so ventured to the walk-in clinic to make sure it was just a virus.  And it was and the clinic was fine... and again on the second visit a few days later for A and I.  The girls all got sick but luckily it was short lived for a couple of days only.  D had to take some time off though as I was bedridden for almost a week with the flu and various secondary infections. Of course it was only a matter of time before the crash came ;)

Two months in and over... how did that happen?!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A: Second and final week of school holidays. Another short week with lots happening. The most exciting thing for you though, was learning to knit. You have been so keen to create, keen, keen, keen... Then our stuff arrived and you did not leave your craft box for a second. So I dusted off the knitting cobwebs and low it came back. Ten minutes later you were going for it and now you are working away at it at every opportunity. I was so impressed with how quickly you got it. Though not surprised by your level of dedication! Extremely heartwarming.

H: We are all crossing our fingers that next week you will be able to start school. In the meantime you have relished having your bicycle back and have been biking up a storm trying "new tricks". And going wild with the Lego. And being a great helper. You are a joy to have by my side - always keen to help and very thorough.

L: Watching you three work together... I cant begin to tell you just how much it delights me to see you working away. It really is ridiculous. And more than that just how keen you are little one. There are tantrums if anyone does "your" jobs or there is not much for you to do! There are a few cats that stroll across our backyard and we have built a relationship with one. Patting it keeps you three entertained for long stints at a time - a joy to all of us.

L xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thirteen-Fourteen /52

L: You and chocolate. You love it so. You girls had been counting down the days until Easter and the bunny's arrival. Oh the joy when it was time. We have noticed how much you've grown. You are much taller than before and outgrowing clothes daily. Our little "Teeto" (Petite-o) is not so little anymore and we cant wrap you into a tiny little bundle anymore. Waaaaaahhhh!! You still run between pure delight and joy, and hot explosive fury that sometimes comes out of nowhere. Although bigger, you are still an absolute fire-cracker.

A: School term finished and you were ready for another holiday. Of course you always default to reading and creating and daydreaming. Your imagination and kindness knows no bounds. Unfortunately with us all being unwell there weren't many photo's taken over these two weeks, but laying low and taking it easy was definitely what we all needed.

H: You were the first one sick in a bit of a bad run we had. But you bounced back fairly quickly and then the holidays hit and you enjoyed having your sisters around for company. We were all well and truly ready to get out of the house with an impromptu day-trip. You all enjoyed the day trip and doing a spot of sightseeing.

L xx

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Our city walk

During the first month we walked everywhere.  Being based relatively central we quickly established a regular route into the city.  It more or less looked like this.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 Year Love Fools

Hand in hand we started this journey.
Hand in hand we continue walking.
For all the incredible things we've shared and experienced, I cant imagine holding anyone else's hand.
Happy 10 Year Anniversary my Love.
All my love, Always
L xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ticking the Boxes - Week 4

Having a tenancy agreement sorted and therefore an address, meant that this week moved on to the next stage of organising and sorting.

A frustrating Monday morning on the phone with schools and city council trying to find a spot for the girls. Then we just got in the car and went to see a few, sign up and get onto the enrollment waiting lists. Schools were just back from mid-term break and we were hopeful that in the next few days we would be lucky enough to hear some good news.

The following day we sorted out some bunks for the girls and wahoo! got a call with a spot at a school for A! Otherwise lots of admin and getting the lay of the land on various fronts: school, home and day-to-day related.

A visit with the school principal was scheduled first thing on Wednesday morning. All 3 the girls loved seeing the school, classes and what lay in store. After the visit we went off to buy a school uniform, home for lunch, and then a walk into the city to find things like a waterbottle and school shoes. We were pooped but happy by the end of the day! With A getting a spot, H moved up the waiting list to the #1 spot for her year. And although she was sad she couldn't start too it didn't take long before she got that just one kid needed to leave for her to be able to join... just one...

After all the excitement from the day before we opted for an outing to a cafe for morning tea and doing more homework on our new suburb. Along with a bit of an online catchup, blogging and sorting out photos. Of course D was full steam ahead at work and getting stuck in too.

Friday came along and we set off for another afternoon walk and sightseeing adventure. Along with some more lovely streets and buildings, we stumbled upon the Birmingham Cathedral. And that evening was the first night D and I sat down and did not do any homework/sorting/organising/etc in almost 2 months. Felt really strange!

We went to collect the keys and "checked-in" to the new place on Saturday morning. We weren't in a position to move in just yet, but it was now official. With lots of boxes now ticked, Sunday rolled around with time for another trip to the cafe, a stroll around the canals and visit to the library.

We could practically touch the light at the end of the tunnel :)
L xx

Monday, 23 March 2015


A: You are obsessed with the Rainbow Magic book series and last week wrote a letter to the author. You told her just how much you loved her books and Daddy and I were well impressed with how beautifully worded and written it was. You have read many of the books including the ones named after you and your middle sister. But there are none named after your little sister and you are politely encouraging her to write one named after L. The level of passion and adorableness is just too much. You are such a sweet girl and we still don't know how your wee brain copes with your level of intensity and speed. We can also see how you are growing and maturing into the next phase, though you still think it's such a treat when you arrive home to clothes Mummy chose and bought for you. Long may it last!

H: We are still patiently waiting for a spot to open up for you at school... In the meantime you and I are enjoying hanging out together and getting things sorted/done. You love playing outside. Even when your sisters aren't here you will run around and kick a ball, climb a tree or amuse yourself very happily out there. Lately you have been saying things like "gooder" and "more betterer" - cracks me up no end. Or your trend lately of "I knew that" or "yes that's what I was going to say". You like to "know" everything.

L: It is wonderful to watch you three girls play outside, you all love being out there. Creating constructions from bits of wood you find hidden away, makeshift see-saw's, "bows and arrows"... your imaginations working well. One of the most enjoyable things is seeing how different you all play and the various interpretations but then how it all comes together at the same time. In the UK lunch is called dinner... we are still getting used to it. You just call it dinner-lunch. And these canal's that look like rivers... canal-rivers (though you say "canail-river"). Very diplomatic :) Different levels are upper and downer - not just upstairs or downstairs. And I was very impressed how you held on to your mothers day kindy card for 4 days, hidden away and then appeared first thing with it on the right day. Such patience!

L xxx