Sunday, 14 September 2014


A trip to the beach was just the ticket for us girls this week.   A break from the usual post school routine, we headed to the beach for a change of scenery, fresh air and some fun.  Amazing what a difference it made, and how refreshed we all were for it.

A:    What a week we've had. On Monday night you lost your second tooth... unfortunately the tooth fairy was a bit preoccupied and forgot to visit during the night. Cue a very sad you on Tuesday morning... However, on Wednesday morning you awoke to a coin and a teeny card written by your fairy in her teeny writing explaining that she had an influx of teeth and had to attend a very special mouse birthday but had not for one minute forgotten you. You were so chuffed to have received this personal note and the tooth fairy's halo was restored.

L:    Wheeeeeeeee! Your grammar and language is evolving rapidly, though I still delight in words like "bumrella" instead of umbrella. I've also enjoyed watching you play with little friends lately in a much more mature fashion - playing together, interacting and compromising at the next level - well beyond the toddler "individualistic together" play.  I've been asked a few times, and again this week, you must be starting school soon? Not for anther 18 months if I can help it!

H:    You are such a technical girl with a mind for facts and data. Grilling me on all the details and technicalities of exactly how Josie was going to make it to Heaven. It made for some very creatively detailed conversations... You also received your first certificate at school assembly on Friday and were bursting with pride : )

L xx

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Show & Tell: Written Record

And so another Thursday rolls along...

Show & Tell Thursday's

A couple of months ago I received Patchwork Please, as hoped, for my birthday. I was super excited and loved all the gorgeous ideas and patterns in it, especially as I'd heard and read many great things about it!

I almost immediately set about making this pencil case as a "returning to uni" gift.

However, perhaps I need to go back to uni, because I did not find the instructions smooth sailing...and I have sewn one or two things in recent years. Is it just me?

I got there in the end, and am delighted with the final result.

It's a wee bit small though, but you can probably manage to fit a few highlighters or maybe other random stuff in there. I love the pencils and thought them very appropriate...though they will need a few sharpenings before they'll fit in!

What's your experience with this gorgeous book? Or do you have recommendations on treasure-trove-must-own-project-books or any not-on-your-lemon-do-you-want-to-go-there books?
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Hope you're all having a happy sunshiny week!
L xx

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014


L:    Pretending to fish for your sisters over the edge of the retaining wall. The sunshine has been so good for us :)

H:    You are such a great bike rider - and I love watching the concentration on your face as you work at staying upright.

A:    You on the other hand are still working on staying upright... It's ok my sweetness, you just have Mum's coordination and balance ;)

L xx

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Monday, 8 September 2014

My Josie

This morning, very unexpectedly, I had to say goodbye to my Josie.  My heart is so utterly crushed and all I could think to do was to write about her.

14 years ago we adopted this little moggie.  She'd been abandoned, and friends of friends had heard we were looking for a cat.  A vet confirmed that she was a year old and likely to have had less then gentle treatment.  Taking her home from Mission Bay where she'd been found, to Northcote, we decided to call her Josie.  Mostly because we'd just watched the terrible "Josie and the Pussycats" movie a few days prior and thought it hilarious.

She was our first baby.  It took months to gain her trust and venture out from under the bed or let us near her.  We got there eventually and soon she was sleeping on our bed and snoozing on our laps.  She never quite warmed to anyone else and always disappeared at the sight or sounds of another human.  People referred to her as our phantom or imaginary cat, as sightings were so rare.  I am allergic to cats but built up an immunity toward her... I was utterly in love with her and determined to be buddies.

She moved all over Auckland with us and never once seemed even close to running away.  She brought us two mice and one bird in all her years and didn't really scrap with other cats.  The biggest thing we did that bothered her was having human babies.  She has up until last night, made a habit of disappearing outside before the kids woke up and would come back in when they were asleep.  Then she would hang out with us, sleep at our feet and occasionally grace visitors with her presence...provided they weren't children.

Over the last couple of days we noticed she wasn't cleaning herself properly, she was dropping her cat biscuits and had her tongue poking out just a wee bit.  Not finding anything immediately wrong and not in any obvious pain we figured she was just getting a bit old.  But then a couple of nights ago, we felt a strange and rather huge bulge all down her jaw, which was very well disguised.  Her eating was obviously a real mission as she was barely getting anything down...we'll take her to the vet next week we decided.  And then last night she came in, all bloodied.  Something was now obviously not right.

So we cleaned her up and cuddled - a bit concerned but not expecting the worst.  This morning I took her to the Vet who said it was a tumor on her jaw.  It had obviously been growing rapidly in the last couple of weeks and was  making eating, swallowing and closing her mouth hard... and also pushing her teeth out and rupturing her gums.  She was not in terrible pain though a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise in great shape for a 15 year old lady.  However, there was nothing we could do and it was only a matter of days before things would go downhill even more quickly.

I cuddled my baby as they put her to sleep.  I am grateful that she is at peace and wont suffer.  I am grateful I got to say goodbye, hold and cuddle her as she went to Heaven.  My heart is heavy - I will miss her coming in the bathroom window while I brush my teeth, purring and slobbering as I pat her, her weight  beside me while I'm sleeping or her face staring at me in the middle of the night, her gorgeous soft fur and her super soft belly.  That she trusted me, and I loved her.

Rest in peace my Josie - I will miss you terribly my Moggie xx

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hold it close, dont let this go

Haven't listened to this in a while, but it's one of my fav songs.

Happy weekend folks
L xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Show & Tell: Concentric Crochet

Good Morning!

Show & Tell Thursday's

When in search of snow, one should go prepared... And we were not! The girls lacked some warm beanies to cover those delicate little heads and ears, so what's a mother to do but remedy it?!

No surprises in the colours chosen for the two big girls...(mini sister already had a hat).  A simple beanie, but I really really wanted some "ear flaps" for extra warmth and protection around the ears. Maybe it's because my ears suffer even in a cool wind that this seemed pretty important to me : )

A bit of guessing, a bit of measuring on the models and we came up with placement and a plan. Added some braided tassles and they were happy as larry, and good to go!

I am pleased to report that there were no sore ears - phew :)

What have you been up to? My thoughts are turning to Christmas already... you?
L xx

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